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Year Type Authors Title Details
2013 Monograph or scientific treatise Thierry Foucault; Marco Pagano; Ailsa Roell Market Liquidity: Theory, Evidence and Policy
2001 Monograph or scientific treatise M. PAGANO Defusing Default. Incentives and Institutions


Year Type Authors Title Details
9999 Journal Articles Andrew Ellul; Tullio Jappelli; Marco Pagano; Fausto Panunzi Transparency, tax pressure and access to finance
2016 Journal Articles Acharya, Viral; Pagano, Marco; Volpin, Paolo Seeking Alpha: Excess Risk Taking and Competition for Managerial Talent
Brunnermeier,Markus; Garicano,Luis; Lane, Philip R.; Pagano, Marco; Reis, Ricardo; Santos, Tano; Thesmar, David; Van Nieuwerburgh, Stijn; Vayanos, Dimitri The Sovereign-Bank Diabolic Loop and ESBies
Langfield, Sam; Pagano, Marco Bank Bias in Europe: Effects on Systemic Risk and Growth
2015 Journal Articles Bennardo, Alberto; Pagano, Marco; Piccolo, Salvatore Multiple-Bank Lending, Creditor Rights and Information Sharing
2014 Journal Articles Niccolò Battistini; Marco Pagano; Saverio Simonelli Systemic Risk, Sovereign Yields and Bank Exposures in the Euro Crisis
2013 Journal Articles ALESSANDRO BEBER;MARCO PAGANO Short-Selling Bans Around the World: Evidence from the 2007-09 Crisis
M. DI MAGGIO; T. JAPPELLI; M. PAGANO Households¿ indebtness and financial fragility
2012 Journal Articles M. PAGANO; P. VOLPIN Securitization, Disclosure and Liquidity
M. PAGANO; G. PICA Finance and Employment
Giovanni Immordino; Marco Pagano Corporate fraud governance and auditing
2011 Journal Articles G. IMMORDINO; M. PAGANO; M. POLO Incentives to innovate and social harm: laissez-faire, authorization or penalties?
Giovanni Immordino; Marco Pagano; Michele Polo
2010 Journal Articles A. ELLUL; M. PAGANO; F. PANUNZI Inheritance Law and Investment in Family Firms
C. FAVERO; M. PAGANO; E.-L. VON THADDEN How Does Liquidity Affect Government Bond Yields?
M. PAGANO; P. VOLPIN Credit ratings failures and policy options
G. IMMORDINO; M. PAGANO Legal Standards, Enforcement and Corruption
2009 Journal Articles M. BROWN; T. JAPPELLI; M. PAGANO Information sharing and credit market performance
Information Sharing and Credit: Firm-Level Evidence from Transition Countries
2008 Journal Articles M. HALLING; M. PAGANO; O. RANDL; J. ZECHNER Where is the Market? Evidence from Cross-Listings in the U.S.
2007 Journal Articles M. PAGANO; GIOVANNI IMMORDINO Optimal Regulation of Auditing
2006 Journal Articles M. PAGANO; VOLPIN P Shareholder Protection, Stock Market Development, and Politics
ELLUL A; M. PAGANO IPO underpricing and after-market liquidity
2005 Journal Articles M. PAGANO; PAOLO VOLPIN Workers, Managers, and Corporate Control
M. PAGANO The Modigliani-Miller Theorems: A Cornerstone of Finance
M. PAGANO; PAOLO VOLPIN The Political Economy of Corporate Governance
GIAVAZZI F.; JAPPELLI T.; M. PAGANO; BENEDETTI M. Searching for Non-Monotonic Effects of Fiscal Policy: New Evidence
T. JAPPELLI; M. PAGANO; MAGDA BIANCO Courts and Banks: Effects of Judicial Enforcement on Credit Markets
2004 Journal Articles LUIGI GUISO; T. JAPPELLI; MARIO PADULA; M. PAGANO Financial Market Integration and Economic Growth in the EU
ERNST-LUDWIG VON THADDEN; M. PAGANO The European Bond Markets under EMU
2002 Journal Articles M. PAGANO; AILSA A. RÖELL; JOSEF ZECHNER The Geography of Equity Listing: Why Do European Companies List Abroad?
M. PAGANO; JAPPELLI T. Information Sharing, Lending and Defaults: Cross-Country Evidence
2001 Journal Articles M. PAGANO; MANOVE M.; PADILLA J. Collateral vs. Project Screening: A Model of Lazy Banks
M. PAGANO; RANDL OTTO; ROELL AILSA; ZECHNER JOSEF What Makes Stock Exchanges Succeed? Evidence from Cross-Listing Decisions
M. PAGANO; VOLPIN P. The Political Economy of Finance
2000 Journal Articles PADILLA JORGE; M. PAGANO Sharing Default Information as a Borrowers¿ Discipline Device
GIAVAZZI F.; T. JAPPELLI; PAGANO M. Searching for non-Keynesians effects of fiscal policy
1999 Journal Articles T. JAPPELLI; PAGANO M The welfare effects of liquidity constraints
M. PAGANO Consolidation in the Banking Industry: Causes and Consequences
1998 Journal Articles M. PAGANO; RÖELL AILSA A. The Choice of Stock Ownership Structure: Agency Costs, Monitoring and the Decision to Go Public
M. PAGANO; PANUNZI FAUSTO; ZINGALES LUIGI Osservazioni sulla riforma della disciplina dell¿OPA, degli obblighi di comunicazione del possesso azionario e dei limiti agli incroci azionari
M. PAGANO; PANETTA FABIO; ZINGALES LUIGI Why Do Companies Go Public? An Empirical Analysis
1997 Journal Articles PADILLA JORGE; M. PAGANO Endogenous Communication among Lenders and Entrepreneurial Incentives
1996 Journal Articles M. PAGANO; RÖELL AILSA A. Transparency and Liquidity: a Comparison of Auction and Dealership Markets with Informed Trading
M. PAGANO; PANETTA FABIO; ZINGALES LUIGI The Stock Market as a Source of Capital: Some Lessons from Initial Public Offerings in Italy
1994 Journal Articles M. PAGANO; JAPPELLI TULLIO Saving, Growth and Liquidity Constraints
1993 Journal Articles M. PAGANO; JAPPELLI TULLIO Information Sharing in Credit Markets
M. PAGANO Financial Markets and Growth: An Overview
1989 Journal Articles T. JAPPELLI; PAGANO M. Aggregate consumption and capital market imperfections: an international comparison

Book Chapters

Year Type Authors Title Details
2013 Book Chapters Marco Pagano Finance: Economic Lifeblood or Toxin?
2012 Book Chapters T. Jappelli; M. Pagano Financial integration in Europe
2010 Book Chapters T. Jappelli; M. Pagano Financial market integration under EMU
2008 Book Chapters T. Jappelli; M. Pagano Financial integration
2003 Book Chapters TULLIO JAPPELLI; M. PAGANO Information Sharing in Credit Markets: The European Experience
2002 Book Chapters M. PAGANO The Performance of European Stock Exchanges: Evidence from Listing Decisions
LOMBARDO DAVIDE; M. PAGANO Law and Equity Markets: A Simple Model
2001 Book Chapters PAGANO M.; M. PAGANO Information Sharing in Credit Markets
M. PAGANO Introduction
1998 Book Chapters M. PAGANO The Changing Microstructure of European Equity Markets


Year Type Authors Title Details
2009 Int. Conferences Sessione Chairperson M. Pagano SAET Conference on Current Trends in Economics
Scientific journals boards Managing Editor
2002 Other M. PAGANO; BIAIS B. New Research in Corporate Finance and Banking
2001 Other M. PAGANO; BIAIS B.. New Research in Financial Markets